A few things that you should know before you start coding a new project in the Flutter framework.

If you have decided to use Flutter as a framework for your new project, there are some things that you should know before you start coding. You will probably have many questions like:

  • what design patterns to use
  • what CI/CD is supported by Flutter
  • what are the “must-have packages
  • what IDEA to use
  • is there Lint support
  • what design and animations to consider
  • what about testing

I will try to give you hints on these questions so that you can examine more…

Using shortcuts will make your work much faster. This article will help you speed up your working process and become more efficient by removing unnecessary clicks and mouse movements all over the screen.

Note: This article is created for developers who are using Android Studio in combination with macOS. Of course, there will be some shortcuts that I may have missed, so please point them out in the comment section below. In any case, you can always see the full list of default keybindings here.

Time is Money.
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Command (or Cmd)

Learn how to code in Dart in a way that every other developer can understand

I’m writing this article because one of my colleagues asked me to help him to finish the integration of API inside one app, which he claimed to be 95% finished and the remaining work needed two days. At first, we agreed that I would take a look at the source code and let him know if I can help or not. I’m one of the ‘red people’ and my decisions are fast, precise, with not so much thinking and I was pretty sure that I…

If you are using Flutter as a framework for development and you need LinkedIn to sign in, this is an article for you.

LinkedIn OAuth form

I will explain to you from scratch how to implement login with a LinkedIn for Flutter mobile applications.

Creating an app on LinkedIn developers

  1. Go to https://www.linkedin.com/developers/apps/new

Reuse your dart code by using Flutter redux as global app state management and redux epics for handling streams.

Later equals never. ― Robert C. Martin

The first thing that you should ask yourself before starting to code is definitely how to organize the code in a way that you will not regret. That means that you should pick the architectural and structural path of your project. It can be a difficult call to make that decision, especially if you take into consideration that you are working with a new framework, a new language.

How does redux work?

There are already plenty of tutorials…

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